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Hello, I'm Cameron Boyer. Welcome to my site!

Take a look at some of my recent projects, some of which I'm still working on.
A new website will be coming soon... eventually.

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I have been a radio presenter at Radio Hospitals Blackburn for 3 years.
Check out my page


I have also created and managed 2 internet radio stations. Curretly I'm only running CamRadio, an AC station running back to back music all day.
You can check out CamRadio here

Other internet radio stations operated by myself can be found at the IRGUK website

Web Projects

WebPortal (Demo WebGUI)
Online Studio Display (A clock for radio studios)
InfoScreen (Digital signage)


I started uploading videos to YouTube in 2009, although most of the early videos have been removed...
The channel doesn't seem to focus on anything and is a mix of "Let's Plays", Unboxings & Reviews and the occasional vlog.

Uploads are few and far between, but you can check out the channel here

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